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I am a senior robotics researcher at Waymo. I received my PhD in Computer Science from UCLA where I was a member of the Automated Reasoning Group. I was lucky to be advised by Prof. Adnan Darwiche. My research interests are in machine learning, automated reasoning, and optimization.

Announcement: I have an opening for one research intern for summer 2018 to work on cutting-edge machine learning research for self-driving cars.


November 2017, I am serving as a PC member for IJCAI 2018.

November 2017, Waymo annouced the first self-driving fleet in the world: video.

November 2016, I gave a talk on deep learning at UCLA.

May 2015, A new paper is accepted for plenary presentation at UAI 2015.

May 2015, I won the Northrop-Grumman Outstanding Research Award.

April 2015, I defended my thesis.

April 2015, A new paper is accepted at IJCAI 2015.

February 2015, the slides of the ITA talk are now available here.

January 2015, I gave a graduation day talk at ITA.

January 2015, I am TAing cs32 this quarter.

September 2014, A new paper is accepted at NIPS 2014.

February 2014, I received a Student Ambassador honorarium from UCLA.

September 2013, A new paper is accepted at NIPS 2013.

Jan 2013, I received a masters from UCLA.

November 2012, I am a winner of the first Procter & Gamble Graduate Seminar competition at UCLA.

November 2012, A new paper is accepted at the Big Learning NIPS workshop 2012.

June 2012, A new paper is accepted as an oral presentation at UAI 2012. Oral acceptance rate: 7.8%

September 2011, EDML was presented in SoCaML 2011.

July 2011, A new paper is accepted at UAI 2011.


Senior Researcher, Self-Driving Cars, Waymo, California, December 2016-present.

Researcher, Self-Driving Cars, Google X, California, June 2015-December 2016.X

Research Intern at Google, London, June-September 2014.

Software Engineering Intern at Google, Zurich, June-September 2013.

Research Intern at Google, Mountain View, June-September 2012.

Software Engineering Intern at Google, Santa Monica, June-September 2011.

Research Intern at LAAS-CNRS, France, May-October 2009.

About me

I received my PhD in computer science from UCLA in 2015. My doctoral dissertation introduced decomposition techniques to learn probabilistic graphical models from data more efficiently. I was honored to receive the Northrop-Grumman Outstanding Research Award.

Before UCLA, I visited LAAS-CNRS France where I enjoyed working with Dr. Pierre Emmanuel Hladik on stochastic analysis of real-time systems. Before that, I completed a Masters in computer engineering at Cairo University Egypt where I was extremely lucky to work with Prof. Amir Atiya. I was also a teaching assistant and a part-time research engineer at IBM.


4801 Boelter Hall
University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1596
(310) 774-6184
krefaat at                       




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